Fujitsu Aircon

Fujitsu is one of the most experienced and established companies in the market. There’s a reason why it has been around and still standing strong for so many decades. It also has the reputation to back it up by customers’ recommendation over the years for its great dedication of work.
The company provides customers with decent warranty packages on every air-conditioner purchase. One of FUJITSU’s greatest strengths is their in-house service, they are one of the best in that regard and other brands work very closely with them on that matter to seek their advice too
Fujitsu is specialized in mainly two types of air-conditioner in indoor and outdoor units.
Please refer below for the following models that FUJITSU offers.

In-Door Units

Fujitsu air-conditioners create a great ambient environment in your houses, offices or rooms. In regards to the indoor system units, it is up to you to mount it on the ceiling, hugging on the wall or placed on the floor, whichever way the customers prefer. The indoor units provide decent cooling regardless of the position it is placed.

With the improved air distribution function, the air-conditioner unit allows the system to deliver adequate clean air into the area within the room that needs to be cooled in a consistent effect. These units operate in a very efficient way hence they are usually good energy savers which makes them good products.
Alternatively, we recommend installing a split system that will have an indoor unit being connected to another outdoor unit, the indoor unit can be installed easily with properly connected pipes. You will always have a chance to install an outdoor unit that will still be able to carry on cooling activities as needed.
Fujitsu air-conditioners are typically available in three forms, the wall mounted, compact cassette and slim duct. With the combination of these units, what you get is a multi-split system which can be used to cool different areas of a building by making sure the required cooling is distributed evenly. These different units usually have their own distinct features which make them bring advantages from modern and classic air conditioners.
There are various types of air conditioners from FUJITSU and let’s look at them below.

NocriaX is a wall mounted mono split air conditioner unit made by General Fujitsu limited. It is simple and easy to install since it is wall mounted. It also has a pursued airflow control, energy saving capability and dual side fan equipped. A comfortable space can be created with hybrid Airflow combining different temperatures of air velocity and current.

Filter Auto Clean
There could be wasted power if filter is clogged, the unit has the ability to automatically remove dust from the filter.

Plasma Air Clean
A technology purposefully designed to collect dust and hence cleaning the air and other pollutants such as pollen, dust particles and tiny particles will be removed by using static electricity.

Human Sensor
The human sensor is designed to help detect human movements within the dedicated environment and in that regards, it reduces activity where there’s no one in the room.

ASTG Line Of Lifestyle Air Conditioners
  • Airstage VRF.
    A wall mounted type of air-conditioner by Fujitsu General Company that is designed to offer comfort solutions to temperatures within buildings. It makes this air-conditioner suitable for almost any size of buildings as it is very powerful, its capability of offering efficient heating and cooling within the domestic or commercial premises.
  • Slimline.
    This is an air-cond model specifically designed by FUJITSU to be compact in size in order for it to fit into most ceiling spaces, hence it is ideal for discreet installation. It can be operated easily with the simple LCD control. Lastly it is also quiet and efficient and easily maintained providing ideal comfort.
  • High Static – Single Phase.
    The High Static - Single Phase model is specifically designed by FUJITSU General Company that allows more air ducts to be installed. High static single phase air-conditioners are also designed to be slim and compact in order for it to be easily mounted to a wall or ceiling. Its optional zone control allows it to have 8 zones to be connected hence giving it greater temperature control in order to ensure total satisfaction for the users.

    Some of other Fujitsu models types are:
    • High Static –Three Phase
    • J-Series, Bulkhead

Outdoor Units

Split system, multi-split system and VRF system air-conditioners are some of the newer models available in the market. The mentioned outdoor units are capable of delivering cool air as required in multiple indoor units in spite of one unit. With the outdoor unit being separated operationally, it allows the indoor unit to work separately too hence allowing them to save energy significantly.