Mitsubishi Aircon

Mitsubishi is one of the oldest companies in the industry, with its unmatched experiences throughout the years, advanced innovations and quality are what the company thrived off. They have built a great name in all of their products and the air-conditioner line is no exemption. It is perfect for residential, industrial and commercial purposes.
No matter the size or shapes of your premises, MITSUBISHI air-conditioners offer the freedom to adjust for the best outcomes. They are expertly designed to serve any weather or environment. Mitsubishi air-conditioners also offer air purification as well as air deodorization which makes them ideal for indoor use.
One other amazing factor is that it is possible to cool one room while you heat a different room using the same system at the same time. MITSUBISHI air conditioners come with sophisticated features and yet operate quietly making them ideal for even noise sensitive audio recording studios.
Mitsubishi has a wide range of air conditioners to choose from. The following are some of the models that you can go for and have an experience of a lifetime.

Residential Air-Conditioners Inverter

With the likes of ZSX and ZS series, the model works perfectly for houses with Europe’s diverse interior designs. The rounded contours’ design gives the model an elegant design for your house. It is characterized by major advantages that include.
  • Energy Saving
    By specifically using the MITSUBISHI Technology that utilizes the high performance compressor as well as the DC Pam inverter, it allows the units to conserve energy.
  • Ability to clean the air
    The model is capable of purifying the air for a more comfortable environment for users hence an ideal choice.
  • Less noise
    The air conditioner operates quietly. This makes it one of the most preferred by studio operators or noise sensitive users. It is one of the most efficient models in that regard.

Residential Air Conditioners Inverter Multi-Split Model

Mitsubishi has designed the Multi-Split systems to offer a lasting solution to air-conditioning to cater different environments. It serves up to 6 rooms if needed. Its features include;
  • Low power consumption
    Power conservation will obviously be a huge plus for the fact that it is able to serve up to six rooms with a single unit.
  • High flexibility
    The design can easily be changed to condition the air in several ways. This makes it possible to either heat the environment or cool it down depending on the prevailing weather.
  • Low noise generation
    The model has the capability to operate with minimal noise hence it’s highly preferred for domestic as well as office use.

Inverter Packaged Conditioners

The Inverter Packaged Conditioners. are made ideally for commercial use like offices, retail shops or restaurants. It ticks a lot of boxes in that regard. It has embraced modern technology in the finest way.
Some of the major features includes as per below;
  • Simple user interface
    Considering that the design provides an easy installation interface, this goes a long way in enhancing its user-friendliness. Not much technical work is needed.
  • Comes with the latest features
    The inverter packaged air-conditioner has some of the latest feature technology. This includes the four additional flaps that are operated individually at each particular mode. This improves air circulation as well as direction.
  • Accommodates multiple operations
    The model adds another key taste of technology by providing the user with numerous operations. This gives the user various options and enhances comfort where fresh air is key. The operations revolve around weather variations as well as direction.

VRF Inverter Multi System

The VRF Inverter Multi System. has one of the most advanced operations as it utilizes two interconnected pipes. For that presence it is given the name of 2-pipe system. It is specifically designed to heat or cool the environment hence working flawlessly on any weather. It serves well from small residential houses to large mansions.
The model includes some major features that includes as per below;
  • High flexibility
    The model is equipped with various features that makes it one of the most versatile models in the market.
  • Friendly and customizable operation mode
    The model comes with wireless as well as wire remote control option. This will save users a ton of hassle.
  • High sense of comfort and efficiency
    It is equipped with a lot of advanced technologies and it saves a lot of energy. The model is capable of conserving energy making it ideal to use domestically. The VTCC ( variable temperature and capacity control) is made to enhance energy conservation.
  • Easy to maintain and service
    It is designed in a way to ensure maintenance is easy, owners can work on it themselves on some simple issue without needing a professional technician.
Mitsubishi has maintained its reputation over the years with top of the line innovations but still offering affordable prices. They thrive to continue the trend of being one of the market leaders in the industry.