Aircond Chemical Overhaul

Air conditioning chemical overhaul is a specialized maintenance procedure that is performed on air conditioning units to restore their performance and efficiency. It involves a deep cleaning of the unit's internal components using a variety of chemical solutions, rather than simply replacing the parts.

During an air conditioning chemical overhaul, various chemicals and solvents are used to clean and remove accumulated dirt, grime, and debris from the unit's coils, filters, and other components. The process also involves lubricating moving parts, checking for leaks, and replacing any worn or damaged parts. The refrigerant gas is also removed and recycled, and a new refrigerant charge is added.

The entire system is then tested to ensure that it is functioning properly and efficiently. Air conditioning chemical overhaul is typically recommended as a periodic maintenance procedure to prevent breakdowns, improve energy efficiency, and extend the lifespan of the air conditioning unit. It is performed by trained HVAC technicians who are familiar with the various types of air conditioning systems and their components.

**Please call or email for quotation with 4 nos of fan coil units and above.