Panasonic Aircon

We’ve seen numerous technologies being introduced within the air-conditioning industry in recent years. The demand is constantly rising and manufacturers need to be on track with their development all the time. One of the major players in Panasonic is doing a very good job in innovating different revolutionizing technologies. It has earned an unmatched reputation among the peers and the services and quirks it provides. It is also proven to be one of the most durable in the market. The company takes a lot of pride in producing quality products in its lines.
Panasonic also offers models from the more budget range and all the way up to the higher end models to cater to different kinds of customers, whether it's for a smaller or larger area commercial or household, we can never go wrong with Panasonic.
All Panasonic air-conditioners come with simple and effective user-interface to help us users operate them easier. They are just simply designed and built in a way to make customers’ lives easier. Positive feedback from satisfied customers attest to the fact that they are simply one of the best in the industry. The brand has catered to large companies around the world over the years, regardless of the prevailing climate challenge whoever is facing it, PANASONIC has the lasting solution for us.
The following is an overview of some of the quality PANASONIC air-conditioners in Singapore that you may wish to try.

1. CS-S13TKH-4 Premium Inverter Aero Series
The CS-S13TKH-4 model is equipped with advanced features to help control the temperature to the level you desire. Some of them include.
  • Energy saving up to 70%
    The model is purposefully designed in a way to save significant energy. It is especially ideal for home and office use.
  • Air purifying system
    The model is equipped with a feature that cleanses the air in your room by isolating fresh air from contaminated air enhancing comfort.
  • Odor removing ability
    The model is also equipped with a very unique feature where it helps eliminate any bad odor within the room by ensuring you are free from any discomfort in your room.

    The model is one of the most sought after ones as it is able to generate cool air almost instantaneously. Other major features include.

    1. Fast cooling effect.
    2. Operate quietly.
    3. Has an auto comfort function.
    4. Comes with a self-diagnostic option.

2. CS-S9RKV Air Conditioner Inverter Series

The model is designed in a way to provide you with the most comfortable environment in your home or office. It is one of the most efficient models available as it has the ability to conserve energy up to 70%. The CS-S9RKV model is also equipped with dual flaps that are designed like wings in order to help accumulate air flow. This significantly helps spread the cool air around the room. Other features and capabilities of the CS-S9RKV include.
  • Odor riddance function
    No one would enjoy working in an environment that contains a bad smell. The CS-S9RKV model is equipped with an amazing function that has the ability to eliminate any bad odor within the room hence playing a major role in purifying the air to enhance comfort.
  • Twin sensors
    The model is also equipped with dual sensors to help monitor temperature changes. This helps significantly in regulating the air from the air-conditioner hence enhancing the comfort. There will be no chance you will ever experience excessive low or high temperatures again.
  • Easy to remove panels
    All air-conditioners need to be kept clean to ensure freshness of cool air being supplied by the machine. This model is equipped with removable panels in order to facilitate easier cleaning operation. The interface also provides simple steps and you may not even need a technician by removing or reinstalling if some simple cleaning work needed to be done. This makes it ideal for home and office use.
3. CS-C18PKV Air Conditioner Non-Inverter Series
The model is equipped with some amazing features, and among them is that it conserves energy up to 38%. It is capable of adjusting the cool air automatically to fit your living room or office. It also comes with a very simple and effective operating interface to help you switch between settings. Other major features for the CS-C18PKV include
  • Ability to operate quietly
    The model operates quietly, having proper cool air circulation with minimal noise. The CS-C18PKV offers this and much more.
  • Easy to remove and washable parts
    The CS-C18PKV model comes with easy to remove panels that make it easier to clean at any given time.
  • Automatic ON/OFF option
    With the CS-C18PKV, it comes with an automated ON/OFF setting where you can automatically set the time for it to be turned on or off to your liking.
Air-conditioning doesn’t only serve the purpose of cooling or heating the environment nowadays, but it also calls for quality air circulation among others. All PANASONIC air-conditioners come with extensive features, they offer most of the features that are available. Based on customers’ reviews, the PANASONIC models are one of the best and most reliable in the industry.